For a homeowner, finding out that you have foundation damage can be the worse news anybody can give you. This type of damage to your home is the single most expensive type of repair you will go through. It is also one that you will not have a choice but to go out and hire a professional contractor who specializes in foundation repair.

Potential Cost:

The cost of the repair will depend on the extent on the damage to the foundation, the location of the damage within the foundation, and the type of materials that are necessary to fix the problem. The cost could be as little as $800 to as high as $30,000 to fix the problem. Getting estimates from at least three different contractors are necessary for you to be able to gauge how much it will truly cost. However, you should not solely rely on the cost of the work to be done when choosing the contractor you will hire. You should also consider the type of materials they will use, as well as their reputation among locals. If they use higher quality materials, as well as a very good feedback rating from past customers, you should go with that contractor.

Issues from Bi-Level Foundations:

Foundations that are bi-level tend to carry heavier loads than others. This is why damage to these foundations tends to be more severe. Another thing is that water damage is generally more evident with these types of foundations. This is because the water can easily get into the basement area, which can cause the seals, and the foundation itself to give away.

As soon as you notice water leaks in your basement you should immediately have your structure inspected for possible foundation damage. Early detection can potentially save you thousands of dollars due to the fact that since the damage is not that severe yet, they will be able to easily fix the problem.