Horse riding is a sport based primarily on cooperation between horse and rider and should bring joy to each of them. Properly selected equestrian equipment is one of the key elements to achieving maximum comfort during training, resulting in a pleasant and comfortable ride in full relaxation. At Winderen, we focus on ensuring that the equestrian equipment we design does not disturb the natural freedom of your horse, and at the same time helps you use the riding aids correctly.

Winderen half pad – support for the back muscles

A well-fitted saddle and proper shock absorption are important elements in the quest for effective and comfortable riding. You probably often ask yourself what kind of saddle half pad will be best for your horse and give it the greatest freedom of movement and maximum riding pleasure. You are probably also thinking about how to support your back so that you can sit freely and relaxed in the saddle.

The Winderen saddle half pad features 5 technologically advanced layers allowing both horses and riders to achieve maximum riding pleasure. These ensure:

Perfect fit

Even weight distribution for a perfect connection of your saddle with the horse’s back.

Muscle support

Easier relaxation of the back muscles during everyday training.


Freer and easier movement in all gaits.

Dynamically reduced pressure

Reduced pressure on the horse’s back during each ride.

Winderen stirrups – shock absorption and a stable seat

When riding a horse, your body weight rests on your feet, ankles and knees, which together absorb most of the load. The legs are key riding aids, and their stable and correct position in the stirrups is the basis for a good balance in the saddle. It is very important to ensure effective cushioning and relief of the joints, and this is where well-chosen stirrups come in handy.

Therefore, in designing joint relieving stirrups which also provide secure and firm foot support, we have created a technologically advanced system of double kinetic energy absorbers combined with a durable, comfortable footpad.

Upper absorber

Developed to absorb some of the energy created by the direct pressure of the eye on the stirrup leather. 

Lower absorber

Absorbs part of the energy created by landing on the stirrups and also provides stable and comfortable foot support.

Adhesive footpad

Spike-shaped extensions improve sole grip, preventing the foot from slipping out of the stirrup.

Weight-independent comfort

The intelligent energy absorption system in the Winderen stirrups dynamically adjusts to the rider’s weight, ensuring comfort for everyone, regardless of weight.

Winderen gel bits for horses – full harmony in communication

What bit will be the best for my horse is the question our experts are asked most often. We know that finding the right type of bit, one that is gentle on the horse whilst also ensuring light and precise communication, is the dream of all riders of all skill levels.

That is why our  Winderen bits are made from a special gel that is willingly accepted and pleasant for horses, and also features high resistance. What’s more, we’ve also thought about your needs. Each mouthpiece can be freely combined with different cheekpieces to create exactly the bit you need at the moment.

Horse-friendly gel mouthpieces

Horses are happy to chew our synthetic bit, which makes them relax faster and seek the correct contact during work.

Interchangeable cheekpiece system

This innovative solution lets you connect any mouthpiece with the entire range of available cheekpieces to create just the combination you and your horse need.

Remember that, by choosing the best equestrian equipment for both your horse and yourself, you are aiming for harmony and comfort, allowing you to develop faster and achieve your equestrian goals. Comfortable equestrian tack does not take away the natural freedom of your horse, and allows you to use the riding aids properly, improving the overall quality of your riding.

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